Instructions to Download the
Xpress-Forms Viewer

  1. Click on the link below

  2. Click 'OPEN'

  3. Click 'Yes'

  4. Follow prompts of the "Viewer Setup" dialog box

Click here to download Xpress-Forms Viewer

For technical support email: Xpress-Forms Viewer Support Line


Download Option 2:

  1. Click on the link above and click SAVE to download the Xpress-Forms Viewer
  2. Save the ibmviewer_301_win32_lite.exe ... to your Desktop or choose a destination folder
  3. Minimize the Browser window and look for ibmviewer_301_win32_lite.exe on your Desktop or in the folder you saved it to
  4. Double-click the icon
  5. Follow the simple set-up instructions.
  6. After successful installation an information window opens. Close it and return to your email. Double click on the form you received and it will open up with the Xpress-Forms Viewer.